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Active projects:

Collaborative Research: Impact of subglacial discharge on turbulent plume dynamics and ocean-glacier heat and mass transfer
Funding: NSF-PLR 1504288 [link]
Collaborators: R. Motyka, D. Sutherland, J. Nash, and E. Skyllingstad

Collaborative Research: Investigating jamming in iceberg-choked fjords with field observations, laboratory experiments, and numerical models
Funding: NSF-CMP 1506307 [link]
Collaborators: Justin Burton and Michael Dennin

Collaborative Research: Representing calving and icebergs in global climate models
Funding: NOAA NA13OAR4310098 [link]
Collaborators: O. Sergienko, B. Hallberg, A. Adcroft, J. Bassis, D. Pollard, and L. Stearns

Collaborative Research: Dynamics of subglacial erosion of soft sediments and its consequences for glacier evolution
Funding: NSF-PLR 1303895 [link]
Collaborators: M. Truffer, A. Gusmeroli, R. Motyka, C. Larsen, and J. Kavanaugh